We knew they were testing and now it's finally here! Autovoice is completely integrated with Amazon Echo. Never you have to say again: “Ask AutoVoice to…” which was quite annoying to be completely honest. In the video, you can see a...
Getting out of bed is a big problem for a lot of people. So the creators of Beddi decided to do something about it. This Intelligent Alarm Clock's single goal is to make your morning routine as smooth as...
Another great Smart Home Assistant we came across the other day is Gladys. Gladys is an open-source program which runs on Rasberry Pi. It has a very enthusiastic community which is around 28k big. The video gives you a pretty...
It's not that hard to make your home smarter and certainly also not that expensive anymore for a mere $200 dollars you can already control your house with your voice. With this, you can play any song you want...
Home Automation
A brilliant article by Mansion Global. They made an extensive guide for homeowners who want a single smart home solution. They discuss several systems like Vivint, Control4, Savant,... It's a must-read for every person who wants to take their...
Great tutorial from Armando Ferreira about how to use Amazon Echo to turn on your lights. Also, check out the videos from Armando as he has other great tutorials as well!
Join 2.0 is out and it looks better than ever. It is packed with new updates. We're especially excited that you now can combine Join together with IFTTT. So the biggest automation platforms are now joining forces and this...
Iron Man Plasma Repulsor
We really love Alex Lab and his crazy DIY inventions. In one of his last videos, he shows how to make a plasma repulsor like in Iron Man movie. 
Google home fires gun
CNBC did a short story about a Google Home firing a gun. Before anybody starts panicking, it's indeed possible to fire a gun like it is shown in the video but to be honest every automation tool can do that. CNBC also interviewed the inventor and puts everything into context. 
A good tutorial by Dan Bracket_fredyfrankle1 on how to how to use SmartThings to trigger Tasker events using an app called short tools.
Follow Nerdphilia on her adventure in creating a smart mirror with Rasperry Pi.
Integrating Smart Home Devices with the Google Assistant
This is a video for the developers among us. Nick Felker explains how you can integrate your Smart Home devices with the Google Assistant using webhooks for the HomeGraph.
Smart Home
Ever wondered how a 3 Million Dollar Smart Home looks like? Check out the video of yoyoTech. Some things are really nice but others complete over the top.
Spyce is the world’s first restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen thatcooks complex meals to order. Founded by four MIT graduateswith a vision to reinvent fast casual dining.
You can now choose from six new voices for your Google Assistant.
pokemon go Tasker
There's really nothing more annoying than that your screen goes black while reading or playing a game.  I actually use this Tasker Profile for Pokemon go
Google Duplex
Google Duplex will be the next-generation voice assistant that will make all your calls and appointments for you. It is hilarious but scary at the same time. 
A great deep dive in Home Automation from Architecture. You will get answers to questions like: What Exactly Is Smart Home System and Home Automation? & Understanding Smart Home System & Home Automation
Use Autovoice on the go with Android Wear & Android Auto. No more need to pull out your smartphone.
night mode tasker
Having a good night sleep is crucial to being productive. So let's create a Tasker profile so you can enjoy a quiet night.
Are you feeling lucky? Well, do you? We're giving away this week an Echo Dot (2nd Generation) so you can start your own automation. We will be giving away prizes on a regular base be sure to like us on Facebook so...
iron man suit
Having an Iron Man suit is something that every geek wants to have. You can buy one but you can also build one yourself.
console28 by eclectic rainmeter
Download Rainmeter Wallpaper Here