About Us

Welcome to Project Jarvis!

With this blog, I want to show what’s possible these days in terms of automation. Technology is changing every day and this brings a lot of opportunity with it. With the tutorials, you will be able to build your own Jarvis like in Iron Man. In case of any questions, please reach out to via the contact page and I will try to respond as fast as possible.

My Background

In order to bring Jarvis to life, I will be using¬†a lot of tools. As I’m not a coder, that’s an understatement. I literally can’t write one line of code. So, I will depend on others. This is not a problem because I will show you that there are already outstanding programs where the sky is the limit. I will puzzle all the tools together, that’s my strength.

I also don’t want to spend too much money on all the tools. I want to create something that can be offered to everybody.

What’s my end goal?

To automate my life as much as possible (with my voice).

Which software can you expect?

I will be mainly using Android and Windows. It will be a great challenge to make all this hardware cooperate with each other.

Why did I make this website?

Documentation. I want to have everything documented for my own sake. That you are able to read and comment on it, is just a bonus for me. So please be nice. Still, if you see optimisation possibilities, let me know in the comments. I’m absolutely not an expert so I would love to have some interaction with experts.

How can you help?

Bring up ideas for automation, direct me to tools which can serve to my cause, show¬†examples of others with the same quest, correct my language mistakes (not a native English speaker),… Any feedback is good feedback as long as it is correct and not to be mean.

Hope you will enjoy this blog and join me in my quest.