After checking several operating systems, I found that Android would best serve my needs. The reason for that is that I want to have Jarvis up and running every minute of every day. A tablet or even smartphone would be best for that because I want to have Jarvis with me every moment. Also, Android has a strong advantage with automation due to one of the best apps I have ever come across: Tasker. For Tasker, I will add tutorials and post the projects/tasks here so you can also just download them. I’m not an expert in Tasker yet but I’m learning this rapidly and the possibilities are limitless.

In terms of price, you can also get a smartphone or tablet for a very reasonable price. At this moment, I have an Android Tablet on which I have Jarvis running. I will switch to an Android smartphone in the near future but my employer has given me Windows Phone. But if you’re doubting of getting a tablet or smartphone, chose a smartphone. The setup will be completely the same like with my tablet. (UPDATE: In the meanwhile, I have already switched to an Android phone)

My final reason for choosing Android is that I want to control my Windows PC’s as well. Android has numerous amount of apps for that. I say apps because I want to control my Work PC as well but often these are restricted. But to make it even more challenging, I would like that my Windows PC’s can also control Jarvis. We were able to do this with Autovoice Remote through a Google Chrome Extension. There are no problems only solutions.


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