As you know, I’m using mostly my watch to control Jarvis on my phone. But when I’m in front of my pc, I don’t want to tap my watch every time to launch Jarvis. I just want to talk directly to my pc without tapping anything.

It took me a while to find a solution but actually the creator of Tasker already provided one but it is well hidden among all the apps he has created.

As you know, we created every voice command with Autovoice, well Autovoice has a Google Chrome Extension called Remote.

But how does it work:

  1. Download the AutoVoice Remote Google Chrome Extension
  2. Right click on the extension and choose Options.
  3. Tick the box: Make AutoVoice always listen so it can wake up with just your voice
  4. Choose the language you prefer
  5. Now this is probably the best feature: Wake Up Expression
  6. Set a word or phrase that will wake up the voice recognizer and allow you to send a voice command. Leave empty to have the recognizer be always awake. I choose Jarvis. I didn’t add a response as I don’t like the computer voices that I have and I like Jarvis to respond directly from my phone.
  7. One last thing to do is also the last option on the page: Navigate to the ‘Devices’ option in the main AutoVoice app on your Android device to make it appear here.

All the rest, I just kept on default.

TIP: If the always listening is not working, you can also make AutoVoice listen by left-clicking the AutoVoice extension icon or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+L while Chrome is open in the foreground.

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