We all know that it is illegal to use our phone behind the wheel but still the majority of people keep on doing it. For everybody’s sake stop doing it and if you still want to do it look for alternatives like Bixi.

What is Bixi?

To quote the manufacturer: “Bixi is the first ultra-portable driver safety companion that senses your in-air hand gestures and commands your smartphone touch-free.” So no more dangerous movements behind the steering wheel!

What can you do with Bixi?

  • Make Calls
  • Reject Calls
  • Send Message
  • Control music & volume
  • Activate Ok Google
  • and many more

What kind of gestures does it understand?

  • Double Tap
  • Wave Up
  • Wave Down
  • Raise / Lower
  • Wave Right
  • Wave Left

It is compatible with over 100+ Apps & Devices like:

  • Apple TV
  • Bose
  • Spotify
  • Nest
  • Sony Tv

Bixi: The First Touch-Free Smart Remote

Bixi: The First Touch-Free Smart Remote

Bixi senses your hand gestures and commands the Apps, Smart Devices and Smart Home you wish to control. Just wave your hand, the magic will happen.

Check out the full product here: bixi.io/


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