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Tech Insider Talked To Sophia

Sophia from Hanson Robotics once said that it would destroy humans. Tech Insider thought it was time to have "that" talk again...
Predict Wealth From Space

AI Predicts Wealth From Space.

Penny is created by Stamen Design and it's an AI that predicts wealth from space. Thanks to commercial imaging satellites and the income data from the U.S. Census Bureau, they were able to map income to specific places in the world.

ShapeScale: 3D Body Composition and Fitness Tracking

If you're looking for more than just a normal Fitness Tracker, ShapeScale is the tool for you. It creates a photorealistic 3D avatar of yourself in less than a minute. So you can see directly how your body has changed.

Foodvisor: Instant nutritional facts from a picture

Mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body. That's what drove the inventors of Foodvisor. It takes a lot of follow up to count calories and keep score. Not anymore with Foodvisor. Just take a picture and Foodvisor will do the rest.

Google’s AI AlphaZero Is A Master In Chess

The chess world went completely crazy after seeing Google's AI AlphaZero playing against chess engine Stockfish 8. Playing is probably not the right word but mopping the floor with it is better. Alpha Zero had 28 wins, 72 draws, and 0 losses. A nice detail is that AlphaZero mastered chess in only 4 hours of self-play. Impressive!


With ApiToBot, you're able to add additional voice commands to Alexa and Google Assistant.

AI Learns To Play Mario On Its Own

This AI learns how to play video games on its own.
bird of knowledge

Gamayun: Research & Summarize Any Topic In Seconds

According to Wikipedia, Gamayun is a prophetic bird of Slavic folklore. It is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The name for this AI platform...

Dictate For Microsoft Office

As the goal of Project Jarvis is to automate everything with your voice, Dictate is THE tool to take you to the next level.
Google AI

AI Isn’t Perfect, Neither Are We.

User "TheMostPhysical" asked the question concert or cotton field. User "thisissurelyauniqueusername" decided to let Google answer this question.