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Teslasuit: Full Body VR Suit

Having VR glasses is great but what if you could have a full body suit? This is something that's in the works by the company Teslasuit. They are creating a full-body haptic feedback, motion capture, thermo controlled suit.

New VR Theme Park: East Valley of Science and Fantasy

You will be able to travel to the future, fight with dragons, visit space or have your first encounter with the third kind.

Anvio VR

Anvio has announced themselves as a part of A New Era of Entertainment and they are not wrong!

Drops: Learn 28 new languages in Augmented Reality

Learn 28 languages in no time with Augmented Reality app Drops. A beautiful entertaining app which really works well. It's 100% visual and makes you...

Google Lens

Google Lens is a feature in Google Photos that uses Google's machine learning to give your extra information on what is displayed on the image. 

ZephVR: Real Wind for Virtual Reality

The ZephVR adds smart fans to any VR headset and provides lifelike wind on the proper moments.


Ever wondered how it would be to work at the International Space Station? BBC was wondering the same thing and did something about it....

Dunkirk The VR Experience

Imagine being trapped on a beach with thousands of people surrounded by enemy troops who are shooting at you like fish in a barrel. Well, you don't have to imagine it anymore, you can now experience it in VR.

Ikea takes another step in augmented reality

Remember a while back how Ikea took the lead in augmented reality in cooperation with their catalogue. Now they are back with a new app, Ikea Place.

VR Cinema

If you want to experience Virtual Reality but don't want to make the investment, you can always go the VR Cinema in Amsterdam.