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Switchbot: Turn Your Old Devices Into IoT Ready

Changing your house to be IoT ready, can be quite the investment. Switchbot can be a good alternative instead of changing anything. It can mechanically control all switches and buttons wherever you are.

Control Beer Tap With The Force

[kudos]This put a small on our faces this morning. Having a beer tap is already one thing, being able to control it with The Force is another! Learn how to make it yourself with this tutorial. May the beer be with you!
Duo Computervideo

DUO: An AI Computer For Your Home

For the untrained eye, Duo just looks like a mirror but just step a little closer and you will see true power! Within Duo lives Albert which is an AI companion that can control any app with your voice. Looking at the video, Albert has a wide variety of skills: play music, find recipes, show tutorials, videos,... Duo is now available for Pre-Order.

Tech Tats

The next generation wearables are already here with biometric tattoos which can be used to collect data from your body and turn you into a cyborg. The company Chaotic Moon is testing their "Tech Tats". Is the tattoo forever? No, it is not. It can be easily washed off. So if you were scared that you will be tracked forever. Well, that's already too late as the big companies already do that through your phone. 

Cinego – Meet Your Personal Immersive 4K Cinema

Get ready to throw away your home theatre because the The Goovis 4K Cinego is here to stay.

Moon: Levitating Smart Home System

Moon is a beautifully designed Smart Home Hub. It has a levitating camera that can turn 360° and comes with day & night Vision + event direction detection.

Bixi Touch-Free Gesture Controller

We all know that it is illegal to use our phone behind the wheel but still the majority of people keep on doing it....
Myo Gesture Armband

Myo Gesture Control Armband

What if you could control your devices with only your arm? Well, this is no longer a dream, you can do that now with the Myo Gesture Control Armband.

Pimax: The World’s First 8K VR Headset

Virtual Reality is still at its beginning but with the coming of Pimax, we're taking a huge step into the right direction!

AD’OM: Futuristic Bluetooth Speaker

May we introduce you to the most awesome looking speaker in the world! The AD'OM Bluetooth Speaker from Sound Heroes!