A Drone That Guards Your House

Sunflower Labs has come up with a new way of protecting your house against intruders. Together with some garden smart lights and a drone,...

LeviZen – Levitate water & feel zero gravity

Defy the laws of gravity & control the element water with LeviZen!

Can you create a Smart Room for $1,500?

If you want to have a Smart Room for a "reasonable budget", here's a good start.

Smart Home Of Dom Esposito

Let's take a tour in the house of Youtube phenomenon Dom Esposito and check out his Smart Home Setup!

BigClown: Your own IoT

Build your own electronics with the BigClown IoT kit. The brilliance of BigClown lies in the simplicity. You can just create your own device like an easy puzzle or Lego.

Relativ: Build your own VR headset for $100

Everybody wants to have a VR headset these days but they can be quite expensive. A couple of sixteen-year-old decided to do something about that and they created their own VR headset for only $100! Very impressive!

Switchbot: Turn Your Old Devices Into IoT Ready

Changing your house to be IoT ready, can be quite the investment. Switchbot can be a good alternative instead of changing anything. It can mechanically control all switches and buttons wherever you are.

Star Wars: Secrets Of The Empire @ The Void

One of our favourite VR amusement parks is certainly The Void. With the launch of the new Star Wars movie, The Void decided to release a new VR experience called Secrets Of The Empire?