Home Setup


In order to be able to create Jarvis, we need a lot of tools to make it work. That’s why I have created the category Setup. In this category, you can find all the tools & programs that I will be using to develop Jarvis.

android phone


After checking several operating systems, I found that Android would best serve my needs. The reason for that is that I want to have Jarvis up and running every minute of every day.

Autovoice: Remote

With Autovoice Remote, you can just command Jarvis directly from your pc with the Autovoice Remote Google Chrome Extension.


Autovoice is a plugin for Tasker which is built on Google Now. As you have probably already used Google Now and have seen what it does. Imagine that you now can add any command to it and it will execute what you want it to do.
Iron Man Xbox Onevideo

Iron Man Xbox One

Even Iron Man has to blow off steam once in a while and if he wanted to do it. He would do it on this Xbox One.

Home Automation with Tasker & Autovoice

Probably one of my favourite home automation videos with Tasker is the one you can see above by Ben Terry.


After browsing the Web for hours, I finally decided on the program that will handle all my processes, projects & tasks. I chose Tasker.

The Interface

One of the most important aspects of Jarvis is the look & feel aka the interface. It has to astonish people. It should look futuristic and it should provide info as well.