No Root Unlock Phone

Wake Up Phone And Unlock even with Pin Or Password With Tasker (No Root)

How to unlock your phone with Tasker without root! Make sure you have trusted device or place to bypass the Pin/Password. This works perfectly when the Unlock Screen from Autoinput doesn't work or Pin/Password in Secure Settings.
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Close All Apps With Tasker

In this tutorial, I will show you how to close all your apps at once with Tasker without root.

Turn PC On & Off With Tasker & Google Home

Have a look how you can use Tasker to control your home. Next to that, also get an introduction in Join and IFTTT.

HTTP get: Retrieve Any Data From Any Webpage with Tasker

One of the key features of Tasker is HTTP get. With this action, you can just retrieve any data from any webpage. This opens a world of possibilities!

Play Any Playlist In Spotify With Tasker

A Tasker tutorial on how to play any playlist in Spotify with Autovoice & Autoinput.

Weather Forecast With Tasker

With Tasker, you can easily follow the weather forecast or even get an update every morning about what weather you can expect. 

Mega Voice Command on Android Wear?

Is Mega Voice Command making his way to Android Wear? According to their Facebook page , they are looking for users to test. Check it...
Chrome Browser

Control Google Chrome with Mega Voice Command

Our default browser is Google Chrome and we want to control this as well with Mega Voice Command. This is easily done with our...

Control Spotify With Mega Voice Command

Spotify is being used by millions of people across the globe and with reason. It has a brilliant interface, is very cheap and you...

How To Send An Email With Google Assistant

If you want to send a quick email without getting your hands dirty, Google Assistant is the solution for you.