Easy Notification Blocking with AutoNotification

Another exciting update has been released for Tasker and more in particular AutoNotification. You can finally get rid of those annoying notifications which you can't swipe away by default.

Jarvis Introduce Yourself – Tasker

Just like in Iron Man, we want to be able for Jarvis to introduce himself and tell your friends what he can do. This is an easy Tasker profile. 

Let Google Assistant Tell You The News

A while back we already showed you how Tasker can tell you the news by scraping info from the webpage. Well, Google Assistant can tell...

Recognize Any Song With Google Assistant

We already showed you how to Recognize Any Song with Tasker but you can also easily do it with Google Assistant. Launch Google Assistant:...


With this plugin, your phone can let you know when you're walking, in a vehicle, cycling, standing still, tilting,...

Weather Forecast With Tasker

With Tasker, you can easily follow the weather forecast or even get an update every morning about what weather you can expect. 

Linkedin Connection Request with Tasker

I love Linkedin, connecting with other people in a professional matter. Just brilliant. Therefore every time I get a connection request, I want Jarvis to tell me that. 

Let Tasker Tell You When Your Next Meeting Is

Just before heading into lunch I would like to know when my next meeting is so I don't miss it. This is incredibly easy with Tasker. 

Make A Quick Menu With Tasker

This is a great Tasker tutorial by Pete Jones. Pete shows you step by step how you can create a menu with tasker when you plug in a headset.

AutoVoice on Amazon Echo

We knew they were testing and now it's finally here! Autovoice is completely integrated with Amazon Echo. Never you have to say again: “Ask AutoVoice...