After browsing the Web for hours, I finally decided on the program that will handle all my processes, projects & tasks. I chose Tasker. It took me a while and some tutorials to see the logic but now I can’t live without anymore. The logic lies in the simplicity of Tasker. It can be easily expanded with extra apps like AutoVoice & AutoInput. I already mentioned that price also is a key factor. Although Tasker is not free, the cost is ridiculously low in comparison what it can do. You can see that you just invest in support for the apps so Joao can continue his amazing work. So shout out to Joao, please continue with what you’re doing.

Tasker got incredibly popular in quite the short time. A lot of communities have been created around Tasker, to give some examples:



Tasker Forum

In terms of tutorials, you can also check Reddit and Google+. But the best way to find Tasker tutorials is just to search for them in Google. If you want to find some inspiration about tutorials, check out this part of the Tasker Forum. It is full of very helpful tasks that you can use for sure to create your own Jarvis.

But of course, THE best tutorials of Tasker can be found below.


Track Your Shipments With Tasker

When you have ordered something, you just can't wait till it arrives. Now you can also track your shipments with Tasker and AutoApps.

Easy Notification Blocking with AutoNotification

Another exciting update has been released for Tasker and more in particular AutoNotification. You can finally get rid of those annoying notifications which you can't swipe away by default.

Set An Alarm With Tasker

We all have to wake up in the morning, so I want to be able to give Jarvis a command to set an alarm with Tasker.

Recognize Any Song With Tasker

Not finding the name of a song or artist, can really keep you up all night. That will never happen again with this Tasker...

Open Any App On Your Phone With Tasker

You can create an individual task to open every app but this would take too much time to set up. So let's create one profile to open all of them.

Search For Any Query in (Almost) Any App – Tasker

I want Jarvis to be able to navigate in any app and find the right things for me like one of my playlists on Spotify or the last youtube video of John Oliver on Last Week Tonight.

Turn PC On & Off With Tasker & Google Home

Have a look how you can use Tasker to control your home. Next to that, also get an introduction in Join and IFTTT.

New Autovoice Update: AutoVoice on your watch and in your car!

Use Autovoice on the go with Android Wear & Android Auto. No more need to pull out your smartphone.

Joao’s First Public Tasker Release

Joao is now the owner of Tasker and this is his First Public Tasker Release! Be sure to check it out!
Low Battery

Battery Saving Mode With Tasker

With this profile, you can choose when you're smartphone goes into Battery Saving Mode