Gladys: the smart home assistant

Another great Smart Home Assistant we came across the other day is Gladys. Gladys is an open-source program which runs on Rasberry Pi. It...

Jarvis Lite – ACW Technologies

A program which I also experimented a lot with is Jarvis Lite by ACW Technologies. This lightweight program is great if you want to use custom voice commands to control your PC.

Muse – Alexa Voice Assistant for Cars

Did you ever want a Voice Assistant in your car? Well, here's your chance.

Fin: A New Type Of Virtual Assistant Is Born

Most Virtual Assistants completely rely on AI but Fin takes the best of both worlds.

Giftworthy: Virtual Gift Assistant

Your pursuit in finding the perfect gift is over. With Giftworthy, you have your own virtual assistant that will show reminders 3 weeks before important occasions.
Superbot AI

Superbot: Get things done and discover your city

If you're looking for a way to be more productive, Superbot can help you out!

Holographic Cortana

A great blog post from and one we're very jealous about. Unt1tled managed to create a Holographic Cortana AI sidekick which is absolutely beautiful...


If Dialogflow doesn't ring a bell, that's completely normal as they already changed their name twice: formerly & Speaktoit. The company was acquired by...

Paper Signals by Google

Get your own small paper virtual assistants with Paper Signals. Track things like weather, birthdays,... with your voice. It's built with Actions On Google &...


With ApiToBot, you're able to add additional voice commands to Alexa and Google Assistant.