If there’s one product that caught my attention from the start then it’s the Microsoft Hololens.

Such a beautiful product where the sky is the limit. The video really shows what’s all possible and this seems to be everything!

Where The Void said that they are using Hyper Reality, Microsoft doesn’t call the Hololens Virtual Reality but Mixed Reality. As you can manipulate the environment around you.

Still, the price for the Hololens remains a pain point for the average Joe. The Development Edition starts at $3000 and the Commercial Suite costs $5000. Microsoft is not targeting consumer with this product yet but let’s hope this won’t take too long anymore.

But listening to the reviews and talking to people at Microsoft, the Hololens still needs some modifications. For example, the Hololens is still quite heavy. You can’t keep wearing it for hours which is for gamers a must have of course.

I added the Hololens as well to our category “Suits” as I believe the Hololens could be a perfect helmet for the Iron Man suit. As you can manipulate your environment and see things which your enemies can’t. This is perfect in getting the upper hand during a brawl!

Make sure to check out the website Hololens.com.


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