One of the key features of Tasker is HTTP get. With this action, you can just retrieve any data from any web page. This opens a world of possibilities! This is also a basic thing that you need to know with Tasker. It will help you with a lot of other tasks when you know how this work. As an example, let’s retrieve the top sports news headline of today from the Washington Post. We’re actually going to use the RSS Sports Feed from the Washington Post. As a feed is often cleaner and easier to read but not in this case.

For this tutorial, we will be using Autovoice & Tasker. You can also just skip the tutorial and download the profile and the end of the post. But we would strongly advise to read through the tutorial anyway.

Let us first visit view-source: as we really need the source code of the page

Let’s start by creating the command in Autovoice: Profiles => Event => Plugin => Autovoice => Recognized

The Hard Way => Command Filter => Sports Headline Today => Tick Box: Contains All (With this feature, you can say to Jarvis: Give me the Sports Headline of Today, What’s today the Sports Headline,… As long as it contains all words from the Command Filter. If you often forget the specific command like I do, this is the perfect solution!)

Now let us create the task:

  1. Net => HTTP Get =>


Path: rss/sports (always put everything after the extension in Path)

Output file: Sports.txt

2. File => Read File =>File: sports.txt => To Var: %sports

3. Variable Split => Name:%sports => Splitter: <title><![CDATA[ (this is most of the time unique per website)

We need “<title><![CDATA[” because if we would only use [CDATA[ we would get: 

But we don’t need the title of the page but the title of the first headline! So here we pointed out to Tasker where our information begins.

4. Now let us tell Tasker where our information ends and Jarvis will read out all information in between. Variable Split => Name:%sports2 => Splitter: ]]

5. Alert => Say => Text: %sports 21 (which will read out all the information)

Let us know if this worked out for you or drop a comment below and we will find the solution together.


  1. To download file, try this
    Tasker- add task – add action – net- http get

    In http get action

    Server is https
    Port is the site address like //
    Path- starts without the forward slash “/”

    Example for image downloads
    Server – https:
    Port –
    Path – badges/200/NVwKVgJpNPNfeRvB7imM_nD5kD3RVzy1kkoXwT_wrx0.png
    Mime type – image/png
    Output file – download/test.png

    Example to download any type of file
    this is excel sheet
    Server:port –
    Path- request-n-leave-yyclqyjl.xlsx
    Mime type – xlsx
    output file – download/excel.xlsx

    Create a test task and run it where tasker and file manager in split screen view

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