Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg accepted the challenge of designing an API similar to Jarvis from the Iron Man movie last year. He wanted the new API to control music, lighting, and temperature using voice commands to make life easier in his home. Last month, he posted an update on his progress on creating a basic API capable of doing those things.

How does Zuckerberg control the API? He manages the API using a custom voice app via a Facebook messaging bot program that allows him to type commands that controls the lights and other devices in the home. One insight he gained from it that typing was essential for Jarvis so he would not bother others. The custom Iphone app he designed is not as consistent as the Facebook messenger bot.

Zuckerberg has shown that Jarvis demonstrates capabilities beyond basic functions, such as facial recognition alerts managed through a camera, which assists with security. The system also selects music based on who uses it and their preferences. To operate his toaster, he connects to a Crestron controller.

Jarvis is exciting and innovative, and you can have this for yourself. At Josh.AI, they have created and refined Josh, a home automation system. Josh can perform in the same manner as Jarvis except with more features, since they use a team of developers. Tim Gill, another entrepreneur, developed Josh with Alex Capecelatro to create a system that can not only detect automated devices, but also configures them.

Josh is unique because it lets you use multiple commands at once so you can run your sprinklers and TV at the same time. This system sets light brightness and music preferences based on habits. If you want to dim lights to 80% and turn off the bedroom lights, Josh can do it. It can be operated through Android, Ipad, and Iphone from anywhere in the house with Internet. Visit our website to learn more.