A while back we already showed you how Tasker can tell you the news by scraping info from the webpage.

Well, Google Assistant can tell you the news as well and to be honest we find this better than with Tasker. With Google Assistant the news will be read out loud to you and you can even select from a long list of sources. You should see that as a 4 to 5-minute podcast to bring you up to speed.

So the only thing you need for this tutorial is Google Assistant.

  1. Launch Google Assistant: Press and hold the Home Button on your Smartphone
  2. You can then give commands like:
    • Tell me the news
    • Play the news

Google Assistant will automatically tell you the news from default sources like BBC. But the great thing is that you can optimize this to add more news or even remove sources.

How to add more news sources to Google Assistant:

  1. Long press your device home button
  2. Tap the blue circle in the upper right corner
  3. Press the menu button (three vertical dots in the right corner)
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Scroll down to Services and press News
  6. Press + Add news sources

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