Mega Voice Command: Wordlist

wordlist mvc

A feature within Mega Voice Command is the ability to make Wordlists. This is a great way to keep your setup clean and save you a lot of time putting in commands. If you need more background info on Wordlist, you can find that here.

In order for this to work you have to add these to: C:\Users\”YOURACCOUNT”\AppData\Roaming\LINKS\Data

With Wordlists you can make several commands spread out across different Wordlist. Let’s show an example:

We have the Wordlist “manners”: this contains the following:

manner manner

please open
can you open
go to

We combine this with the Wordlist “websites”: this contains

site site
Project Jarvis

In MVC, we have added the following command to Web:

  • Your command = {manner=manners} {site=websites}
  • Response = opening {site}
  • Action = {{site}}

wordlist mvc

If you now want to open a website from the list above, you can say:

  • Open Facebook
  • Please open Netflix
  • Go to Twitter

Any variation is possible as long it is in the wordlist. So we don’t have to manually add all these commands individually. Saves a lot of time and keeps everything very clean.

Any questions, please leave a comment and we will sort it out.

Here you can find the wordlist to give you a headstart:


  1. Hello, does anyone know what are some good tutorials to learn to do some shell scripting for Jarvis or if there is a good source of shell commands to get a hold on that. Awesome tool. I found this a couple of years ago. Had to stop using it cause my laptop was turning to trash and now I’m getting a new one would like to use Jarvis as an assistant to help with some freelance projects I have.


  2. Happy to see a dedicated page for LINKS!
    Don’t forget to visit our wiki, and if you have any specific questions post it on the forum!

    Have fun!

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