Mega Voice Command


Mega Voice Command aka LINKS is an Artificial Intelligence Software created by Zunar Fayaz, Rod Arc and Michael Carson.

You can completely adapt LINKS to your needs and there lies its strength. It has four sets of customizable Commands. 1. Default commands. 2. Social commands. 3. Web Commands. 4. Shell Commands.

You can even earn money with this software, all you have to do, is upload your voice command databases or customized plugins to their store and they will give you a commission.

This is a very thorough and good software if you want to start to create your own virtual assistant. That’s why we choose to use MVC on our desktop.

Download it here:


If Mega Voice Command doesn’t work for you, please have a look at Jarvis lite of ACW technologies, it is much more plug & play.
You can find it:

Be sure to check out and download our databases below.


  1. this programme works alright but when I was checking to upgrade my account it is written that we can use it for free for one year. I want to know what will be the cost after 1 year.

  2. Hi all

    Thanks for all the questions. We have updated the post with another solution for having Jarvis on your pc with Jarvis Lite from ACW Technologies.

  3. Hi

    I have been trying to get on
    but does not seem to work, is there something wrong with the site?

  4. Is this still being worked on? I ahvn’t seen any movement on the forums or anywhere else in awhile now. I was wanting to use it in my computer science class I teach but wanted to make sure there was someone who would be able and willing to answer questions if my students had them…

  5. it seems very cool, though no one has uploaded anything to the data base, it is essentially just the way it is until you add customization options, it would be cool to make it my own, everyone who downloads this has the same thing, still very cool tho and i will be watching closely for updates and add-ons. invididual recognization would also be very cool, so it knows its me when i talk to it, or if my kid says hello, it knows its talking to him not me. AI has become of great intrest to me recently, i hope to own a self learning ai one day, this is the closest thing available to the public i have found, seems to be working its way there, keep up the great work. i will be looking into donating for a profile soon if the features seem worth it.

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