In our previous post: USA vs Japan Giant Robot Duel is finally coming this August 2017, we mentioned that Megabots Inc will take on Kuratas from Suidobashi.

Now let us have a look at the robot of Megabots Inc: Mk. III, this is already the third version of Mk which is created by Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti who are the founders of Megabots. The company has their headquarters in Hayward, CA.

Why was Megabots created to quote the Megabots website: “MegaBots was born in 2014 from creative engineers who grew up playing video games, watching movies, and reading comic books featuring giant fighting robots.”

Some features about Mk.III:

  • Cost: $2.5 million
  • 16 foot tall
  • 12-ton
  • 350 horsepower

The video that we added is the most fun one where they test their weapons on a look-a-like of their competitor: Kuratas


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