If you’re looking for a smart home control hub that will blend in naturally in your wooden interior, you should definitely check out Mui.

To quote Kazunori Oki, the project owner: “Mui is a smart home control hub that is made with natural wood.”

Mui Features

Mui Features

With Mui you can:

  • Send messages
  • Show your calendar (Google Calendar)
  • Bring up the weather report
  • Put on the “Don’t Disturb”
  • Dimmer (Hue, Ikea,…)

It also comes with a built-in Google Assistant.

Mui Google Assistant


The Mui also comes with an app (Release: Spring 2019), here you can connect also other devices. To top it all off, you will also be able to use IFTTT together with Mui.

Mui App

Thanks to IFTTT, the possibilities of the Mui are endless and you can connect it to:

  • Google Home
  • Amazon Echo
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • Ring
  • Sonos
  • ….


The Mui is a great smart home control hub but a little bit pricy for our taste: $549. Still, the design is exceptional if you’re looking for a Smart Device and you don’t want that futuristic look in your house. Also, this is the perfect solution for houses with a wooden interior. Last but not least, thanks to the IFTTT integration, the possibilities of the Mui are limitless and you can connect almost anything. This is probably the best feature of Mui otherwise it would just have been a great looking overpriced wooden smart speaker. If you have the money to spend and don’t like your average smart home control hub, go for the Mui!