Open Bionics is a multi-award-winning startup creating low-cost bionic hands which are affordable for everyone. But as we all know, bionic hands don’t have a very cool look. Well, Open Bionics is here to change that! They partnered up with Deus Ex, so they could create the Adam Jensen arm from the Deus Ex video game. With this Bionic Arm, they have become Guinness World Record Holders for creating the world’s first prosthetic limb based on a video game.


We really love this video and especially the part where Dan Melville explains how people come up to him and saying: “How cool is your arm?!” instead of feeling sorry for him.

But Open Bionics didn’t stop after the Deus Ex. They keep on creating beautiful bionics arms and now they have partnered up with Disney, Marvel and Star Wars so kids can enjoy bionic hands inspired by their favourite characters!

Open Bionics could really use some extra support so follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook so everybody can enjoy their marvellous designs!

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