Virtual Reality is still at its beginning but with the coming of Pimax, we’re taking a huge step in the right direction!

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Some background info about Pimax’s history: “Pimax 4K VR Headset was released in 2016, winning Product Award at CES ASIA 2016. Pimax 8K VR Headset was announced at CES 2017 that was held January 5–8, 2017 in Las Vegas. It has 2* 3840*2160 resolution, 200 degrees Field Of View, less than 18ms latency, Room–scale tracking and controllers, and matches GTX 980 / 1070 and mainstream VR platforms.”

Let’s have a look at the features and why it is so groundbreaking:

  • Field of View: 200 degrees
  • Resolution: 2*3840×2160, 16.6 million pixels in total
  • Screen: Customized low persistence liquid (CLPL) display
  • MTP (Motion to photon) Latency: 15ms
  • Refresh Rate: 75/90 Hz per eye (Support 150/180 Hz with Brainwarp)
  • Processor: GTX 980/1070 or AMD R9 Nano, equivalent and above
  • Interface: DP1.4, USB 3.0
  • Experience: Seated VR, standing VR, room-scale positional tracking, hand motion (optional)
  • Content: PiHome/Steam VR/Oculus Home (with a third party tool)
  • Audio: 2×3.5 mm audio jack, stereo sound earphones, integrated microphone

Another great feature of Pimax is that it is compatible with more than 1.700 VR games and videos in the Steam VR, Oculus and PiHome platforms. So when you start it up, you’re good to go. This is an incredible feature!

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Pimax Kickstarter

The Pimax Kickstarter Project has just come to an end and it was a massive success. The goal was to reach $200.000 but in the end they reached more than $4 million thanks to 5.800+ backers.

How much did it cost? Well, if you pledged $499 or more, you got an 8k headset with laser tracker integrated but this is without base stations or controllers. As you need these and don’t have them, you had to pledge at least €649. In our opinion, this is still a good price as you know that the Oculus Rift costs $399 & the HTC Vive $539 and these are without 8k!

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