So far it is not my idea to bring Jarvis to life. He’s on my phone and there he can control anything and that is fine until I saw this little guy!

You probably all know R2D2 from Star Wars. This video was created by greensheller. He made this R2D2 as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. The hardware is made of a broken R2D2 toy and some extra parts bought online. But what can he do? The question that you should actually ask is, what can’t he do because the list of features is amazing:

  • Speech Control (English and even Chinese using PocketSphinx)
  • Face Recognition (using OpenCV)
  • Motion Detection
  • Distance Detection
  • Audio Message Record and Replay
  • tts and Sound Play
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • WIFI

All of these features for R2D2 were created on a Raspberry Pi running Rasbian.


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