Not finding the name of a song or artist, can really keep you up all night. That will never happen again with this Tasker Profile.

For this tutorial, you will need Tasker, Autovoice, Autoshare and Autoinput. You can also just skip the tutorial and download the profile at the end of the post. But we would strongly advise reading through the tutorial anyway.

State => AutoVoice Recognized =>Event Behaviour: tick box =>Easy Commands: what song is this,recognize this song
Responses: on it

  • A1: AutoShare [ Configuration:App: Google Now
    Action: Music Search Timeout (Seconds):10 ]
  • A2: AutoInput UI Query [ Configuration:App Package:
    Text: Google Play
    Variables: album, artist, song Timeout (Seconds):20 ]
  • A3: Say [ Text:It’s %song by %artist Engine:Voice:com.cereproc.William:eng-GBR Stream:3 Pitch:5 Speed:5 Respect Audio Focus:On Network:Off Continue Task Immediately:Off ]

Let us know if this worked out for you or drop a comment below and we will find the solution together.


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