Richard Browning is probably THE guy who has come the closest to developing an Iron Man suit as you have seen in the video. He is 38 years-old and lives in Wiltshire, UK.

His suit or “Daedalus” like he calls it, can be broken up into 3 big parts:

  • Lightweight exoskeleton suit
  • Kerosene-fuelled microgas turbines
  • Ultra-light snake-bite-resistant walking boots

Do you want to create the same? The suit costs around £40,000 so better start saving now.

After testing the suit and getting a lot of press coverage by Wired, CNN, BBC,… A lot of press coverage is maybe an understatement. They reached over 60 million video views. With this success, Richard decided to take his project to the next level. He founded Gravity Industries. To quote Richard: “Gravity Industries is a British technology start-up with innovation, endeavour and inspiration at its core. Our mission is to build an inspirational technology company by re-imagining the future of human flight and pioneering aeronautical innovation.”

Do you want to join Richard’s cause? He’s still looking for world-class engineers, marketers, investors and athletes to help him out. You can apply on his website


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