Say hello to any person With Tasker


Tasker can be quite complex if you just jump in without any research, therefore let’s start with an easy tutorial. But make no mistake, this tutorial will be vital for the tutorials to come. We will be using a variable which will make our life a lot easier in the future. If you understand how this work, you can reduce the number of tasks/projects in Tasker.

This first tutorial is all about showing off to your friends. You will be able to say a name, any name, to Jarvis and he will repeat it when saying hello to your friends. We will be using Tasker & Autovoice. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always directly download the Tasker profile below!

  • Step 1: Create a new event profile => Plugin => Autovoice => Recognized
  • Step 2: The Hard Way => Tick Event Behaviour Box => Command Filter: Say hello to (?<name>.+) => Tick use Regex
  • Step 3: Add new task => Say => Text: Hello %name

If you have any issues be sure you have the same variable in Autovoice and the task. Also, make sure that you didn’t make any typo’s with the (?<name>.+).

Any other problems, please comment below and we will sort it out.


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