Search For Any Query in (Almost) Any App – Tasker


So last week we showed you how to open any app with Tasker. Let’s take it a step further now. We want Jarvis to be able to navigate in any app and find the right things for me, like a band on Spotify or the last youtube video of John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. As I don’t want to create a single command for every query, I just want one command which can do all of this.

For this tutorial, we will use Tasker, Autolaunch and Autoshare. You can also just skip the tutorial and download the profile at the end of the post. But we would strongly advise to read through the tutorial anyway.

Let us first start with the voice command:

State=> Plugin => Autovoice => Recognized

The Hard Way => tick box: Event Behaviour => Command Filter => search for (?<query>.+) on (?<app>.+) => tick box: Use Regex

Now for the Task:

A1: AutoLaunch Query [ Configuration:App Nickname: %app
Contains All App Nickname: true Timeout (Seconds):60 ]
A2: Say [ Text:Searching for %query on %allabels(1) Engine:Voice:default:default Stream:3 Pitch:5 Speed:5 Respect Audio Focus:On Network:Off Continue Task Immediately:Off ]
A3: AutoShare [ Configuration:Package: %alpackages(1)
App: AutoShare
Action: Search
Query: %query Timeout (Seconds):10 ]

I noticed that I often changed the word in to on. So I created another profile where I changed this. You can download both Tasker Profiles here.


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