I always found Aquaman the lamest superhero of all! Now, to be honest, I’m a little bit scared of holding on to my opinion as in the movie, Aquaman is played by Jason Momoa. This guy can snap me like a twig! You probably remember Mr. Momoa as Khal Drogo.

But we’re getting off topic. If you’re planning to fight crime underwater, we just have found the thing for you: The x2 Sport Underwater Jetpack.

This underwater jetpack was invented by the brothers Parke and it can go up to 6 MPH. Unfortunately, this invention will probably not be coming out to the public as the crowdfunding only reached 35% of its goal.

Still, if you want to read more about the The x2 Sport Underwater Jetpack, you can always check the IndieGoGo page orĀ supermarinovation.com.

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