UnKnightly is a great new game for VR. We see a lot of shooters which is great but we need some more variation┬áso we welcome it with open arms! Unknightly is the Assassin’s Creed of the Virtual Reality World. It’s a stealth game which takes place during the Dark Ages. It shows massive potential.

It’s developed by┬áPortal Studios VR (Israel). You may know them from the VR game Galactic Core.

In order to give UnKnightly the attention it deserves, Portal Studios is giving away 50 Steam Keys to play the game. So be sure to check it out now and claim your key!

Virtual Reality Gaming | Portal Studios

Virtual Reality Gaming | Portal Studios

A Virtual Reality Medieval Stealth Adventure:”Be the Catalyst to the end of Knighthood”

Check it out: www.portalstudiosvr.com/unknightly-landing

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