When growing up, I loved Robot Wars! Small robots fighting till death, it was amazing. In 2015, I almost fell off my chair when a video went viral from the creators of Megabot who were challenging their Chinese counterparts of Suidobashi with their robot called Kuratas. I was thinking: Could this be true? Is this really happening?

With great expectations, I was following this thread for months but nothing seemed to move anymore. So with great disappointment, I was left behind with no giant robots that would be fighting. Until now! The engineers of Megabot have announced that the fight will come in August 2017.

There are already a lot of videos about Megabot & Suidobashi but this one here is really my favourite. The Americans with their the bigger the better and Kogoro Kurata replying with the following quote: “Come on guys, make it cooler. Just building something huge and sticking guns on it, it’s super American.” That trash talk is just so delightful nerdy!

I really hope this time they won’t let us down and we can finally get to see the fight!


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