Do you still remember music videos on MTV? You are probably wondering one of the following questions: “What’s MTV?” or “Does MTV still exist?”

We can agree on one thing, music videos on TV are over. If you want to check out a music video, you go to Youtube. But there are so many!!! If you want to stand out and be innovative, you have to do something special. This is where virtual reality comes in and exactly what The Chainsmokers had in mind.

Together with Playstation, The Chainsmokers created their new music video for their song Paris. The band developed a unique VR experience for every fan as every video will be unique based on the choices of the viewer.

As one band paved the way, others are already following in their footsteps. Linkin Park will release a VR experience at the end of this month full of music, contests, merchandising and special events.


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