Wake Up Phone And Unlock even with Pin Or Password With Tasker (No Root)


Tasker has the marvellous feature where you can unlock your phone but it only works when your phone doesn’t have a password or pin. This is quite annoying because I want to give commands to Tasker with my Android Wear even when it’s locked or when the screen is off.

Lucky for you, I have found a solution!

For this tutorial, we will be using Secure Settings, Autoinput & Tasker. You can also just skip the tutorial and download the profile at the end of the post. But we would strongly advise reading through the tutorial anyway.

But before we start we need to register our Android Wear as a Trusted Device or if you don’t have a Wear, you can add a Trusted Place like your home. When this is done and your Watch is connected via Bluetooth, the lock screen will be skipped. If you’re not connected, the lock screen is on. So this is perfectly safe! If you need more info about Smart Lock, you can find it here.

Now let us go and create the Event in Tasker:

Event => Plugin => Autovoice => Recognized => The Hard Way => Command Filter: wake up => Tick box: Contains All

We need an extra plugin for Tasker which is Secure Settings also created by Joao, so go ahead and download that

1: Plugin => Secure Settings => Actions => Wake Device => Screen & Keyboard Lights On 10 Seconds

2: Display => Status Bar => Expanded

3: Wait: 2 Seconds

4: Plugin => Autoinput => Action => Manual Setup => Action: Click => Field Type: Text => Field Text: Tasker

5: Plugin => Autoinput => Global Action: Home

If you download my Profile below I have added an extra task where Jarvis is saying that he’s waking up. Just a double check that he heard me.

Let us know if this worked out for you or drop a comment below and we will find the solution together.


  1. Unlocking works, but I still have to press the power key. This is the first action that lets me skip fingerprint scanner.
    I’d like to use your action to couple it with activation via Bluetooth dongle of my car and with adding a few apps.
    Can you help me with activating my screen?

  2. Thanks for the idea! It didn’t work for me because Samsung apparently doesn’t allow Tasker to do the expanded status bar. But I was able to get around it using AutoShortcut to launch the Nova Action “Expand notifications”. In order for this to work I first used AutoTools to change the Automatic Lock Secure Setting to a long time so the lock screen wouldn’t activate. Now it works like a charm!

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