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The ZephVR adds smart fans to any VR headset and provides lifelike wind on the proper moments. So whenever you fly, fall, or speed up—or when there’s wind in a game—you’ll truly really feel it!


The ZephVR makes use of machine learning to acknowledge the sound of wind and movement in VR video games, robotically. This implies, it really works for all video games out of the field.

How does the ZephVR work?

The ZephVR adds quiet, light-weight smart fans to your VR headset so as to add wind to any VR expertise. It is designed to acknowledge the sound of wind in any audio observe, so the ZephVR will work fairly effectively with any sport out of the field!

We did this by labelling hours of gameplay audio and utilizing machine learning to search out patterns within the sound of wind.

The ZephVR can be utilized in two modes by flipping a change:

Autonomous mode: the software program will robotically activate the ZephVR’s fans to coincide with occasions in no matter sport you’re enjoying. As new video games come out, the creators will preserve updating the ZephVR’s software program to ensure it acknowledges wind in these video games, too. They will additionally crew up with game devs to create custom-made experiences for their video games.
All the time-on mode: The ZephVR will add a gradual breeze to maintain you cool and cozy throughout any video game.

ZephVR Kickstarter

ZephVR is already fully funded but it is still running until December 4. How much does it cost to get one? $75

UPDATE: ZephVR has been cancelled, read more here 


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