AI Website Creates Fake Faces

The website went viral this week as it can create infinite fake faces.

Relativ: Build your own VR headset for $100

Everybody wants to have a VR headset these days but they can be quite expensive. A couple of sixteen-year-old decided to do something about that and they created their own VR headset for only $100! Very impressive!

BEDDI – Intelligent Alarm Clock

Getting out of bed is a big problem for a lot of people. So the creators of Beddi decided to do something about it....
Streetfighter Augemented reality

Street Fighter II in Augmented Reality

Street Fighter is one of the ultimate classic games that still has millions of fans across the globe. Abhishek Singh thought it was time to bring Street Fighter to the next level and make an Augmented Reality version called the Real World Warrior edition.

Spyce – Robotic Restaurant

Spyce is the world’s first restaurant featuring a robotic kitchen thatcooks complex meals to order. Founded by four MIT graduateswith a vision to reinvent fast casual dining.

BigClown: Your own IoT

Build your own electronics with the BigClown IoT kit. The brilliance of BigClown lies in the simplicity. You can just create your own device like an easy puzzle or Lego.
IBM's Watson Assistant is coming to IFTTT

Watson Assistant is coming to IFTTT

If you have never come in contact with Watson, that's completely normal. Watson is the AI assistant from IBM. IBM has launched Watson this...

Understanding Smart Home System and Home Automation

A great deep dive in Home Automation from Architecture. You will get answers to questions like: What Exactly Is Smart Home System and Home Automation? & Understanding Smart Home System & Home Automation

Can you create a Smart Room for $1,500?

If you want to have a Smart Room for a "reasonable budget", here's a good start.

MUI: Smart Home Device Made From Natural Wood

If you're looking for a smart home control hub that will blend in naturally in your wooden interior, you should definitely check out Mui.